Monday, April 14, 2014

Playing Around In The Dining Room & A Tip For Grain Sack Storage

I picked up some great spring bouquets at the grocery store and wanted to spruce up my dining table.


I hadn’t used the two French themed pitchers that I picked up at TJ Maxx after Christmas so I decided to use them as vases.


They go great with the grain sack that I picked up in Normandy on the Brocanting Tour last fall.


It has a gorgeous shade of blue on the triple stripe and I love the hand stitched initials.



Here’s a tip on storing your European grain sacks…ROLL them don’t fold them.  Folding them creates creases which are hard to iron out.  Here’s the grain sack before I steamed it.


I have begun rolling all my grain sacks and they store so much easier and it’s better on the fabric and less ironing.


Everything feels so much fresher in the spring.  What are you doing to your dining table?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ordinary Easter Baskets From Ho-Hum to WOW! DIY Ideas For Giving Them Personality Plus!

As I was going through my Easter décor I came across a couple of my kids’ previous Easter baskets.  Although they are a few years old, I think they’re still a great alternative to boring baskets. I wanted to share these ideas with you to help make your Easter baskets more special.


These cuties are pretty easy to assemble.  I started with a couple Longaberger pie baskets with fabric liners.


I took the fabric liners to my local embroidery shop for their names to be added.


I bought the inexpensive stuffed white bunny and yellow chick at Big Lots and took them apart by removing the body and legs and whip stitching the open seams that were left.


The feet are attached with thread through the basket weaves and the head and arms just sit on the edge of the basket.


I purchased the baskets below at Big Lots because I liked the yellow and pink trim that was already painted on each one.  You could easily take a plain basket and paint the handle or top and bottom weave in your child’s favorite color.  


I still wanted to take them up a notch.  My mom cross stitched the kid’s names along with some Easter motifs  on cross stitch fabric and added some cotton tabs.


I attached them to the baskets with sticky velcro dots.


If you don’t cross stitch, you could have fabric strips embroidered with their names.


I hope this has inspired you to take Easter baskets from drab to fab!!!


I can’t believe it’s already almost Easter.  I’m headed to Chicago this weekend but will be back soon.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

French Blue

I love the many varied colors of French Blue.  From the faded Paris rooftops and majestic doors to the everyday items that glisten in hues of blue, there’s no mistake it’s a mesmerizing sense of color.  It can become a preoccupation when walking the streets of Paris.


Dreamy shutters.


Take a seat, s’il vous plait!


I’m always drawn to certain blues and a pair of seltzer bottles caught my eye right away in a hidden antique shop in Normandy


It’s a clear crisp perfect shade of blue.  A simple bistro staple that’s elevated to chic. I love the simple vibrant pop of color against a cool background.


Here is where I first spied one of them.


And here they are in my “stash”.


I’m looking forward to our Fall Shopping tour already.  What treasures will we find this year?



Thursday, March 27, 2014

I’m Feeling Country French!

Bonjour friends!  With springtime in the air (although we had more snow this week!) my thoughts are of the charming French countryside.


I’m trying to decide where to place this pastoral oil on board that I found in Normandy last Fall.  I like it in the kitchen for now.


It was such a neat experience finding and winning this piece at a respected French auction house.  This painting reminds me of the idyllic scenes in rural France and has me longing to return for more inspiration.


Being a country gal, I have a soft spot for pastoral scenes and animals in décor.

Cows anyone?  I found this painting at the same auction house.  (I realize you can see my reflection in the mirror!)


Looking at these paintings today has me in a giddy French Country mood as I prepare to return to France again in May.  I’ll share details about the trip later.



Thursday, March 20, 2014

Antique & Garden Show Inspiration

Happy 1st Day of Spring everyone!  I’m most definitely behind on this post but I’m going to share it anyway. I’ve been feeling inspired after attending the Blue Grass Trust Antique & Garden Show a couple weekends ago.  There was plenty of antiques, designer room vignettes and garden ideas.
This was a killer French vasselier from the 18th c with a porcelain enamel clock face.

C'est magnifique with superb detail.  I’m guessing it originally came from a chateau or manoir given its large size.


There’s always a few Louis Philippe mirrors to be found.  They look so chic in a modern setting and are totally timeless.  This one was offered in designer Matthew Carter’s booth.  The vintage brass figures are still making the scene right now.


These deconstructed chairs had great bones and pretty lines.  They would also look handsome recovered in linen or velvet.



What about this impressive French grandfather clock?


I’m partial to Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and found a couple great examples.
A Beswick England figure and…


a midcentury garden statue from France.  I wish I could have brought him home with me, but I didn’t.


Here I am taking a break from all the hard work of browsing the show!


Thomas Birkman of Kimbrel/Birkman Interiors was the designer of this room space.  He had a visually interesting color scheme featuring the new mauve.  His use of bold artwork was a nice counterbalance to the furnishings.


This room was done by Matt Carter of Matthew Carter Interiors.  He had a pleasing mix of antiques and contemporary décor.  I’m crushing on the subtle geometric design of the rug and the diagonally set ottoman in front of the coffee table. 


He had a stunning chair upholstered in chic real patent leather!


I knew it was going to be a good show when this was one of the first things I saw!


This was on the reverse:  Cool, eh?


I’m glad it’s finally officially Spring.  I’m dying to plant something outside, but I know better.  Every time I do before Mother’s Day I usually lose it to frost!

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